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Removing spider veins in Málaga

Aesthetic doctors specialists removing spider veins in Málaga

Various techniques for removal of spider veins are used in the Renova clinic; the easier and less troublesome procedures for the patients are preferred.

Spider veins are superficial blood vessels that appear red, purple or blue. Often they form on the thighs or calves, but can appear anywhere on the legs and even on the face.

Spider veins, or bunches of small red or blue veins that are formed near the surface of the skin. They are similar to varicose veins; however, spiders are smaller and do not cause pain that is generally associated with varicose veins.

Causes: Spider veins usually appear on the legs and face. They may have a branched form or spider form, or be presented as toothed, thin and short lines. The three main causes of spider veins are: heredity, pregnancy and prolonged time spent sitting or standing. Changes in hormone levels during pregnancy can cause poor blood circulation and thus contribute to the development of spider veins. Other causes of spider veins are excess sun exposure, chronic constipation, certain medications and birth control pills, weight gain and the use of high heels or tight clothing.

Prevention: Several measures can be taken to prevent spider veins. Avoid sitting or standing for a long time; if your job requires you to be constantly sitting or standing, try to take short walks every two or three hours; keep your legs elevated whenever you can and do not cross them; exercise regularly; use support stockings and clothes that do not impede circulation; avoid exposing your legs too much sun, heat, and hot baths; make sure your diet includes enough fibre and try to maintain your ideal body weight.

All these preventive measures may delay or counteract the appearance of spider veins.

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Doctors often use a combination of sclerotherapy and lasers: sclerotherapy for the major part of the treatment and a laser to get rid of the tip of the vein. Laser techniques for removing spider veins are expected to improve greatly during the next decade.

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