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Phenol peeling

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Phenol peeling treatment

In Renova Clinic we specialize in Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine in Malaga and we have become a reference in Malaga for clinical treatments to restore skin radiance – such as the phenol peel because of our best medical aesthetic doctors specialized in facial aesthetic medicine; with the best facilities, all at the best price.

The phenol peel is the application of an acid on the skin that produces a flattening of wrinkles and improved skin tone and texture.

The phenol chemical peel is the best treatment option for patients with deep wrinkles, so it is one of the most used by physicians in Renova Clinic in cases of solar aging and or age spots.

Phenol and trichloroacetic acid are the most commonly used agents for this purpose.

The peeling itself is no substitute for surgery, however a deep chemical peel can produce even better effects than a facelift by the most skilled. Phenol, or carbolic acid, is the most powerful agent that most penetrates the skin, so its application is directed to the treatment of deep wrinkles, severe photo aging and precancerous lesions.

Phenol is characterized by causing permanent skin lightening so it is applied only on the face, not on hands and chest because of the high risk of hypertrophic scars.

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A phenol skin chemical peel is suitable for patients who suffer from sun-damaged skin, or from pronounced facial wrinkles or blotches.

The phenol peel technique is also useful for treating crow’s feet lines and crinkly skin around the eyes and the upper and lower lips, for vertical lines and sun damage.

A phenol chemical peel is the most drastic of peels. The treatment is usually used for deep wrinkles and acne scars, or for pigmentation changes.

Patients over 18 with unwanted skin conditions such as wrinkles, acne scars, pigmentation changes, or similar, can benefit from this treatment.

Patients with a tendency to form of keloid (excess scar tissue) or other forms of irregular scar formation are not suited candidates.

The treatment is not suitable for people with a dark complexion. Phenol is a very powerful form of acid, which is often used for peels against medium -deep and deep wrinkles, acne scars, initial stages of cancer, as well as pigmentation changes.

The phenol peel is almost only performed in the face.

Phenol has a tendency to remove the skin’s ability to form pigmentation completely. For this reason, the treatment is not suited for people of a dark complexion, and after the surgery, it is often necessary for the patient to protect the treated area against strong sunlight permanently.

The doctor begins by thoroughly washing the skin and then applying the chemical peel solution.

The phenol acts as its own topical anaesthetic so any discomfort is brief. A phenol skin chemical peel is combined with a lighter chemical peel to the remainder of the face and in most cases, is performed on an outpatient basis.

After the phenol skin chemical peel, the treated area is swollen and red.The doctor may use petroleum jelly or a waterproof adhesive tape to soothe and protect the treated area.

New skin cells form in ten to fifteen days after the peel. This new skin does not have the ability to tan and, thereafter, must be protected from ultraviolet rays.

Usually, a single peel with phenol is enough to achieve the desired result. A chemical peel is a cauterisation of the skin, performed by the use of a concentrated acid

With the deep phenol solution, the area to be treated may be coated in petroleum jelly or a waterproof adhesive tape. With the lighter peel, this is not necessary.

A full face phenol peel usually takes one or two hours to perform, whilst a peel on a small section (e.g. above the upper lip) may only take 10-15 minutes. One treatment is usually adequate.

Patients can expect to return to work after two – three weeks of the chemical peel treatment, though the treated areas remain red for several weeks. This can usually be concealed by makeup.

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Phenol peel is a skin treatment based on pupufenic acid or carbolic acid, it is widely used to eliminate facial blemishes and wrinkles.

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