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LPG technique eliminates cellulite while reshaping the body. It is the most effective treatment against cellulite.

LPG is the mark of the team performing the treatment. A massage is done by moving of rollers. This technique is known worldwide as Endermologie and it has pioneered an easy and comfortable way to eliminate cellulite.

It is a nonsurgical technique based on the mechanization of connective tissue through a suction system that interacts with the rollers, gives the skin and subcutaneous tissue a deep massage causing drainage of fatty tissue, while stimulating microcirculation and elastic fibres in the skin.

As a result of this aspiration effect, the “knots” that pull the orange peel inward are eliminated, kneading the skin, correcting sagging and producing a decrease in volume.

Fluid retention is reduced, favouring the functioning of the venous and lymphatic systems, as well as an enhancement of lipolysis (fat destruction) in the deepest levels.

This mobilization structures facilitates the homogenization of conjunctiva tissue, fostering body contouring and improving the silhouette. At epidermal level, an exfoliation that removes dead cells and restores smoothness, tone, firmness and glow to the skin occurs.

It is a treatment that can be combined perfectly with other non-surgical techniques that enhance the effects, such as termosudacion, vibrational therapy, acupressure, electrostimulation or mesotherapy.

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When we do a treatment with LPG we see many benefits, a continued cycle of treatments is recommended to treat cellulite and continue body remodelling. It provides volume reduction (elimination of liquids and toxins). Facilitates the mobilization of decongesting toughened skin. The skin gains in elasticity, brightness and smoothness. This treatment has a firming and remodelling effect.

This technique works by contraction and aspiration on a hypodermic level in a non-traumatic way, which enhances metabolic exchanges. The massage is applied with a device called LPG with which the pressure is exerted from the inside out (“it sucks the skin”).

LPG treatment is contraindicated with pregnancy, problems of the venous system, or the presence of open wounds, tumours or infection in the treatment zone. In other cases it is a safe and painless treatment, which can be combined with other therapies (diet, mesotherapy, pressotherapy) for enhanced results.

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Lpg Endermologie is a technique indicated for the treatment of cellulite, the reduction of localized fat and body remodeling.

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