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The Face Lipofilling  is an extraordinary method to rejuvenate and contour the depressions that appear due to the loss of volume produced by the passage of time in the face.

On the one hand, it improves the quality of the skin and the turgidity of the face and, on the other, it eliminates sagging by restoring lost angles.

Lipofilling is used essentially to repair imperfections on the surface of the skin such as scars and crevices around eyes and cheeks, its aesthetic purpose offers surprising and natural results.

It is a minimally invasive and fast procedure, with definitive effects, which does not resort to the use of chemicals or artificial implants to restore beauty to the face. 70% of the transferred fat is definitive.

The fat can be extracted from any part of the body such as abdomen, flanks or hips, as long as there is an important layer of fat. The extracted fat is prepared until it becomes a homogenous mixture without lumps (innovative NANOFAT technique) and then injected into the desired area by the patient.

The main objective of this technique is to rejuvenate the face, return the volume lost in cheekbones and cheeks, nasolabial fold, dark circles and facial oval (in some cases depressions caused by scarring can be treated).

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The natural aging process causes a loss of collagen in the skin and a consequent appearance of wrinkles, loss of volume, flaccidity and / or fine lines. The fat under the skin of the face that keeps it smooth also disappears over time leaving a feeling of emptiness in the face. As a result of this fat loss, wrinkles are exaggerated and cracks appear. The next phase to that absence of fat on the skin is the appearance of a tired and aged face, maybe sad.

With Lipofilling Facial replaces that loss of fat by returning to the face the tonality and luminosity lost over the years. It is proven that pigmentation and sun damage also improve with the transplant of fat on the face. The skin improves in all aspects.

In addition to increasing facial volume, Lipofilling Facial reduces scars and improves the quality and elasticity of the surrounding skin.
It is indicated for those who want to correct imperfections such as wrinkles, cracks, lack of volume or scars on the face making use of body fat. It can also be done by people who want to take advantage of part of the fat from a liposuction treatment to transfer it to the face.

The advantages of the treatment are:

When introducing fat between the skin and the muscle, the quality of the skin improves remarkably since we are contributing nutrients and vascularity.
Outpatient treatment.
Definitive and natural results.
Eliminates wrinkles and the skin regains its firmness.

The facial filling with the own fat or Lipofilling Facial is an innovative technique in advanced aesthetic medicine that has to be carried out by a team of qualified and constantly updated professionals in the field. At Clínicas Diego de León we have a trained medical team with sufficient experience and knowledge to offer the patient the best results and the highest safety in this treatment (Members of the Spanish Society of Fat Transplantation-SETGRA).

Local anesthesia is used for the Lipofilling and, depending on the area, it can be complemented with sedation.
Hospital admission is not required for this treatment because it is an outpatient treatment.
Before surgery, the patient will undergo a previous analysis.
The fat is extracted by means of a special thin cannula to avoid the rupture of the fat cells and by means of a mini liposuction that usually takes place in the navel but that can also be carried out from other areas such as hips. Once the adipocytes are removed, they are treated with solutions and centrifuged to separate the cells that are still alive from those that are not alive, and thus be able to transfer the first ones in the area to be treated.
Through micro-cannulas, we inject the fat into the selected area of ​​the face until achieving the desired results.
The number of cells that remain can vary between 30% and 70%, so it is advisable to repeat the procedure between 2 and 3 sessions until the desired volume is reached by the patient.
The scar that remains is barely visible.

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Lipofilling is a popular and advanced method of face modelling according to the patient’s desire. It is also called liposculpture or structural fat grafting.

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