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Cryoelectrophoresis has a virtually unlimited use for localized conditions and is one of the most important innovations in the therapeutic-medicinal field. This technique proves its efficacy in the treatment of lipodystrophy, hypotonia of tissue and venous insufficiency. Therefore it has many advantages: lowering side effects, rapid correction of blemishes linked to cellulite, etc. In the field of phlebology, cryoeiectrophoresis finds application in the treatment of lymphedema.

Cryoelectrophoresis application in aesthetic medicine is possible by topical transdermal deposition of active compounds, on mobile and lipid metabolism and on cutaneous atrophy of venous insufficiency.

These advantages are the following:

– Fewer side effects: redness, abnormal skin pH and the barrier effect with risk of possible skin infections.

– The high efficiency of treatment allows making corrections in a very short time and tangible results. The improvement reaches its peak between the third and eighth day according to the initial conditions.

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The absence of proper trauma of mesotherapy and aesthetic alterations that can sometimes occur following surgery, as prolonged erythema, bruises; eczemas

– Reduced costs due to the speed with which the results are obtained and therefore short duration of treatment is needed.

– The absence of discomfort caused by the passage in a circle of appreciable amounts of active ingredient that normally accompanies other types of general medical treatments.


Treatment with sodium cryoelectrophoresis -hialuronato, levo-carnitine and other assets is useful for people aged between 30 and 50 years who have discomfort in the skin and breast, such as striae, skin dehydration, etc. With this painless technique not only is a painful injection to the patient avoided, but also the reduction of the fibrotic plaque is achieved ensuring the disappearance of pain.

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Cryoelectrophoresis is a new method of introducing drugs into the body through the skin, selectively and deeply.

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