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cheek filling Málaga Clínica RenovaThe presence of nasogenian or peribucal sulci produces a bad sensation giving the face an aged look that is not real. If they are horizontally positioned, they are called bitterness sulci. They are common in young people who gesticulate a lot and are very expressive. At the same time it is prominent in older people when it comes with the falling of the cheeks and facial bone reabsorption and they get deeper with years.

The new filling materials are the best alternative for this problem that worries many people. If you are considering filling in your sulci then the following text can provide answers to some of your questions.

Clinica Renova Blefaroplastia

The molecules of hyaluronic acids retain water and create volume. The modern products used for aesthetic wrinkle filling are based on this property. In some cases they are complemented with other techniques.

We can start with a mesotherapy of vitamins and continue with a soft peeling (in some cases we prepare the zone with a special substance so the treatment would be more effective) to take away most of the finer wrinkles. Finally, the remaining wrinkles will be filled in with hyaluronic acid.

In other cases we can give volume to the upper lip with hyaluronic acid so the fine lines close to the lip would disappear and then fill in the bigger wrinkles individually.

For Marionette lines (surrounding the chin) the technique is similar – filling them in with hyaluronic acid.

We use the following protocol. After finding out medical history, the doctor will do the following:

  1. Eliminate all make up.
  2. Apply local anaesthesia cream in the zone to be treated.
  3. Disinfect the zone.
  4. A 30G needle is used to infiltrate the substance into the skin.
  5. Massage and review to eliminate small spots or hematomas.
  6. Give post-treatment instructions.
  7. Reviewing consult after 7-10 days.

The patient can go back to everyday life immediately. For the hydrating and structural properties the hyaluronic acid acts instantly making it very valuable for the patients.

Moreover, it re-establishes the elasticity and firmness and stimulates the fibres and has anti free radical properties that protect from inflammation and infection.

The hyaluronic acid is absolutely biodegradable and metabolizes with water and carbon dioxide eliminating itself progressively.

It is persistent and depending on every individual can last from 9 month to a year.

The hyaluronic acid products in our facility are non-animal products that are perfectly certified.

They come from a laboratory and have a high degree of purity. The best results are obtained because of the following:

  1. It’s the most chosen treatment to eliminate deep wrinkles on the face, the barcode (when there is a big number of wrinkles we prefer to do a peeling first and then fill the ones that are left), marionette lines on the chin, lateral wrinkles on the face and mouth.
  2. It’s perfect for outlining and filling in lips, leaving a very natural look.

There are different official products that can be used to fill in wrinkles and re-establish volume.

Normally, the products are injected with a small needle in the part of the face that is first prepared by local anaesthetic and the result is immediate so the patient can go back to normal social and work life very quickly.

There are various treatments to fill in the sulci.

The technique would depend on the part of the face being treated and the specific patient.

Information on semi-permanent implants and reabsorbing products.

The products in use are sanitary with an organic or synthetic origin. They are applied with a very small needle to modify the look and contour of the face, applying volume to the necessary areas. According to their duration they can be either reabsorbing or semi-permanent products.

Reabsorbing products

They last around 6/12 months: use their own fat, collagen, and hyaluronic acid. Used for small cutaneous defects, outlining and augmenting lips, crow’s feet, nasolabial folds, glabellae lines, barcode wrinkles and forehead lines.

Semi-permanent products

They last for more than 1 year. They increase the thickness and fullness of the skin by correcting the facial lipodystrophy.  Others such as organic tissue inductors stimulate the collagen synthesis. They have the same use as the reabsorbing products except for the crow’s feet and labial mucosa.

The injected substances have to the approved by the Spanish Medicine Ministry and the Ministry of Health.

The constant medical innovations have shown that the implants are developing in such a way that we are using biocompatible implants that don’t induce allergies and dissolve naturally in the organism. They do not produce irritation, the are stable and their effects are lasting, they are easy to use, the offer the best results and are compatible with the physiological changes of the skin.

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The increase of cheekbones or filling of cheekbones allows to bring greater harmony to the face offering firm and well-defined cheekbones.

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