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Body mesotherapy

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Renova Clinical offers sessions of mesotherapy that last less than an hour and the technique consists of the management of substances that are based on natural extracts, which are applied by intradermal micro filtrations.

This system can dissolve the accumulated fat that does not disappear with exercise. Mesotherapy provides an effective and sophisticated solution to address the problems of cellulite and stubborn fat deposits. Mesotherapy stimulates contraction of fat cells in the body.

We know that thanks to its implementation we can activate the microcirculation of the arterial, venous and lymphatic levels, so the elimination of liquids is promoted.

A progressive decrease of the contour of the treated area as well as improved skin quality and fatty nodules smoothing is achieved.

This homeopathic mesotherapy based on natural products has several properties. It is water-soluble and isotonic and well tolerated by the tissues. No homeopathic allergy or hypersensitivity can occur. Thrombosis does not occur. Several products can be mixed together to enhance the effects.

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The therapeutic effects of body mesotherapy in reducing weight and volume are the following:

  1. Activates local circulation.
  2. Improves oxygenation of the skin.
  3. Promotes lipolysis or mobilization (burning) of fat.
  4. Promotes the permeability of the wall of fat cells.
  5. Reaffirms tissues.

Body Mesotherapy is a well established and proven technique of administration of natural extract substances that are introduced by intradermal injections in the affected area, that have the function of dissolving the accumulated fat and causing a reduction in volume.

In addition, you can activate blood and lymphatic circulation helping to eliminate fluids and toxins. Usually it applied in the buttocks, abdomen or thighs.

The treatment is also effective for treating cellulite because it activates circulation and reaffirms the tissues.

The number of sessions in Mesotherapy varies between 15 and 20 sessions, depending on whether it is combined with other treatments such as Endermologie Carboxiterapia or LPG.

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Cavitation is a non-surgical technique to eliminate localized fat through the use of low frequency ultrasound.

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