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The treatment of facial filling with Radiesse® or calcium hydroxyapatite is used as substance for reabsorbing implants and is made of synthetic micro particles of calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA) in a carrier gel which are injected into the skin by a simple and safe minimally invasive treatment.

The treatment with Radiesse facial filler or calcium hydroxyapatite is an aesthetic treatment that is very innovative in the world of facial aesthetic medicine; It is a simple injectable implant that is soft, safe, and immediately effective.

The texture, which is like a cream, stays soft, feels natural and remains in place for many months or years. Since Radiesse or calcium hydroxylapatite is a biocompatible product, there is no need to wait for allergy test results and because it is biodegradable, it is perfectly suited to the aesthetic needs of the face.

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Medical specialists in Facial Aesthetic Medicine indicate calcium hydroxyapatite in the following cases:

  • Nose correction without surgery;
  • Reducing the appearance of fine lines caused by smiling and smoking;
  • Achieving a young and healthy appearance of the cheeks;
  • Beautify

Calcium hydroxylapatite is a long lasting but not permanent product. It lasts between 18 and 24 months, making it a product of good quality. Radiesse is composed of synthetic calcium hydroxyapatite beads (CaHA) in an aqueous gel that is injected into the skin by a simple and safe minimally invasive treatment.

Calcium hydroxyapatite particles are composed of calcium and phosphate ions that are natural constituents of human tissue.

There are few possible side effects. However, you can produce some typical injection related reactions such as enema, swelling, pain, itching and discomfort at the injection site.

It is an ideal product to rejuvenate the hands, because it is giving excellent immediate results in a single session.

Usually a follow-up visit after 2-3 months after initial treatment is arranged in which the need to perfect the result is evaluated.

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    Radiesse facial fillers, made of calcium hydroxyapatite, are a perfect solution to correct wrinkles and restore volume to the face.

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